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Company Bio

Arbour Care Group is a healthcare organisation providing long and short term residential care and services. Although our primary focus is older person care, we also cater to other people who are in need of residential care.

Established in 2001, Arbour Care Group has quickly become one of Ireland’s leading private Nursing Home operators, growing to five homes in that period and continuing to expand.

Arbour Care Group is owner operated, thus ensuring that each of the nursing homes in the group are resident focused and not profit driven.

About us

Setting the standard.

By adhering to our Mission Statement goals, we have fast become industry leaders in this sector of private healthcare in Ireland. With our dedicated body of professional and highly trained support staff, and in partnership with our residents and their relatives, we have applied a full range of modern management techniques that ensure continuous improvement while keeping our residents care, wellbeing and happiness at the centre of everything we do.

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