Partnership in Care


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 Partnership in Care

Our commitment to partnership in care is central to all that we do. We understand that our mission statement goals can only be achieved by keeping in mind what you, our customers and clients want and desire.
To this end we try to involve our residents and their relatives and friends in as much of what we do as possible.
We have an active Residents Committee which meets regularly to discuss items of interest to the residents. This can also be used as a forum for expressing complaints or complements!

Our notice boards and regular newsletters are always full of information and news and we conduct satisfaction surveys every couple of years to gauge how well we are meeting your needs. We also have plenty of comment sheets and comment boxes in the home for you to fill out and drop in at any time.
Add to this our “open door” policy and our transparent and inclusive care plan development program and you can see our commitment to partnership in care.

For more information on our commitment to partnership in care please contact the home directly and we will be happy to help.


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